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Conditions of Camping at Old Bara

by owners Richard & Sally Nagel


Campers are responsible in ensuring that they are familiar with the Conditions of Camping. These Conditions of Camping are in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of Old Bara by all.

By signing the liability waiver on the booking form at check in, you agree to accept the following rules and are responsible for your own and your groups actions.

  • Bookings essential.  All fees are to be paid in full in advance, prior to camping. 50% refundable if cancelled outside 7 days, no refunds for cancellations after 7 days.  A camp credit can be issued be used within 12 months of the original booking.

  • Bookings cannot be made more than 12 months in advance

1. Check in / Check out Times:

Check in time from 10am - 6pm.  
Check out time by Midday.

2. Safety and consideration on Old Bara

i) The speed limit on the property is 20km/p/h. All tracks are shared with pedestrians, animals and children. Unlicensed drivers are not permitted to drive on the property.
ii) Please stick to the clearly marked tracks, do not drive off the tracks as this is pasture for our cattle.
iii) Motorised scooters, quad bikes, trail bikes and any other motorbikes are prohibited to be ridden on Old Bara.  Those on touring bikes are welcome to ride to their camp sites but not around the property.
iv) Strictly no circle work or irresponsible driving anywhere on Old Bara.  


3. Your Property

People booking sites on Old Bara set up their camps and use the facilities on the property at their own risk.
Richard & Sally Nagel as owners of Old Bara, accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury to persons and damage to or stolen property, howsoever caused. All property should be well secured at all times.


4. Noise / Behaviour

i) All noise audible from the next closest site must cease at 10pm.  No loud music allowed at anytime. 
ii) Noise, intoxication, bad language or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. This type of behaviour will result in the camper & his party being evicted from the property.  

iii) NO drones unless permission is given by the owners.

iv) No chainsaws or axes.

5. Animals/Pets

i) Pet Dogs: The keeping of dogs is permitted on the property subject to approval. Dogs are to be in the owners sight at all times in consideration with other campers in your area and for their safety. 
ii) Snakes & Spiders: These live in and around the property and camping area. Remember, you are in the Australian Bush! Being up-to-date with first aid techniques and having a well-stocked first aid kit is important.

iii) Cattle: Old Bara is a working cattle property. The cattle whilst relatively calm, and removed from campsites, are still wild animals so take caution when around them.

iv) Kangaroos, Wombats, Echidnas, and all other wildlife: As you would anywhere else, be cautious around wild animals. 

7. Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol must be confined to campsites & picnic areas.  

No empty bottles, cans or lids to be left anywhere on the property.  DO NOT put any cans or bottles in the campfire, they DO NOT BURN.

8. Bicycles

Persons, including children, riding bicycles must wear an approved helmet at all times.

9. Fire Safety Requirements

i) Fires are strictly limited to the existing fire pits or where directed by the owners.
ii) Naked flames are prohibited on Total Fire Ban days (this includes gas BBQ’s). 
iv) PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR FIRE IS OUT BEFORE LEAVING YOUR CAMP SITE It is recommended that: All camps have one (1) of the following:

     a) a suitable and approved fire extinguisher; or
     b) an approved fire blanket in any cooking area;

The owners have the right to place a total fire ban on the entire property and to close the property to campers if fire conditions are high.

10. Amenities

i) Long drop loo blocks. Please keep clean in consideration for all campers. Keep lids and doors closed. Please accompany children.  PLEASE OBSERVE COVID19 RULES.
ii) Do not tip any rubbish or waste into the loos, no cigarette butts.  NO SMOKING IN LOOS.
iii) Do not tip the contents of your portable toilet down the long drop loos or dispose of it on the property. 


Nearest Dump Points:
Mudgee Show Ground: Madeira Street
Rylstone Caravan Park: 6 Carswell Street Rylstone NSW
Bylong Sports Ground: Bylong,
 opposite the General Store 

iv) Children should be accompanied to the loos by an adult.
v) Campers are to use the amenities, not the surrounding bushland.  


11. Vegetation (Flora / Fauna)

i) No person shall interfere in any way with the flora and fauna found on the property.  NO holes to be dug ANYWHERE on the property.
ii) It is strictly prohibited to cut, saw, dig, move or displace any tree, bough or fallen timber. NO chainsaws allowed. 
iii) Please do not use any soap or detergent in the creek water or in the vicinity of the creek, as this is the water supply for our animals.

12. Rubbish.

Please take all your rubbish with you; you may burn what is burnable in your campfire.  Nothing must be left anywhere on the property, these paddocks are used to graze cattle.  Zip ties, plastic bags, plastic bag ties, bottle tops, etc. all might seem small, but could kill an animal.  Anything non biodegradable is a potential hazard to animal life.  Please take all rubbish away leaving no trace.  Glass, plastic and cans do not burn, please DO NOT put these on your fire.

The No Trace rule applies.  “Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but foot prints”!!

Nearest rubbish tips:

- Lue tip. On your left just after the 80km zone signs just before the village of Lue.

- Mudgee tip, on the Gulgong road, follow the signs.


13. Breaching of any rules (provided in writing and/or given verbally)

Richard and Sally Nagel as owners of Old Bara, are able to cancel any camping booking and will evict campers or their guests from the camping area without notice, if the camper or their guests have failed to perform or observe any of the obligations listed in the General Conditions of Camping above. Verbal notice is sufficient. Fees paid will not be refunded, a fine of $300 will be charged to the card on record for any nuisance or damage caused to the property.

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